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Gift List Instructions


Please note: The Gift List is set up ready for international use and the following date format should be used 12/31/2008 (31 December 2008)

Your own online Gift List is easy to set up and free to use and you only have to follow these simple instructions carefully.


To add your Gift to your list you need to create a Gift Registry and create a new account. Existing members need to log in.


It is better for parents to include young children on their own list to make it easier to follow. 

Once your registry is created getting started on your Gift List is quick and easy:


  1. To add a gift you simply click on 'Add Gift' and then click on 'Go to the Shops' using the button provided.


  1. Just select as normal from the wide range of stores making a note of the price. 


  1. Once you have chosen the gift to add to your list use your mouse and right click on the address bar at the top of your screen. Then left click and choose 'copy'


  1. Now close the store site or minimise it if you wish to choose more items from the same store, by pressing the -- button at the top right on your screen to save it to the bottom bar on your screen.


  1. You should now be back on your 'Add Gift' page and the first thing you must do is right click on the Web address 1 box towards the bottom of the page and then Left click and press ‘paste’. You can add the same gift from up to 2 more stores using boxes 2 & 3.


  1. You can now complete other details about the gift you chose such as the price to help your gift givers and brief details e.g. 'Gold Watch'


  1. You can give the gift a level of high or low importance so that you have a better chance of obtaining the gifts you really want and also give details such as 'my existing gold watch has broken..


  1. Once you have added your gifts you are ready to notify your Family & Friends and you can do that easily by adding their email addresses and following the simple instructions in your gift list.


If you have any problems please use the ‘contact us’ form on the main site. 

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