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Your Own Gift List


Red Yellow and Green Ballons

Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, or any Occassion.

How do you decide which gifts to buy? How do you let your family & friends know what you would really like as a gift?
We make it easy. Your own FREE online gift list to make sure you get the gifts you really want and only one of each..
Your gift list is easy to set up and free to use. We do not charge your family and friends a fee either and they pay the stores you choose your gifts from directly.

Buying gifts, we make it easy, your own online gift list.

You will love this and so will your family and friends

You can set up your own private gift list in minutes and all you will need is just one list for all of your stores and all of your special occasions.
No more switching between lists or just choosing from one or two stores for convenience. You can choose from as many of the stores listed as you like. If your favourite store is not there let us know..
Follow the easy instructions on how to set up your gifts and notify your friends..
Check John & Jane Sample, you can set up a public Gift List just like John & let the world view it or you can set up a private one like Jane and just send invitations to selected people. 
Check them out now but you will find lots more interesting features when you join. Please note these are example pages and the links will not work.


Ei42 members can create their own gift list as normal. When you 'Go to Shops' you will find special instructions just for you at the bottom of the page.

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