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Computer Problems


Prevention is Better Than Cure - Act Now
If you lose all your files or your computer won't work is it a problem?
Hard drive fails and you cannot recover or computer is stolen.

"I assume at the end of each day you're backing up the important files on your computer and you're probably using either CD Roms, DVD's or tapes doing this? I would imagine you check the backup has worked and then store the media somewhere safe - am I correct!? You do back up your important files - don't you? Depositit will do this all for you, just download a small piece of software from the website and install it on your computer, select the files you want to backup and every day at the scheduled time your files will be safely backed up.   That's it, no more time spent backing up manually or worrying because you haven't done it - it's done automatically for you every day and costs less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!" 

Summary: If you 'are' backing up it makes sense to use Depositit for a more efficient and secure solution, and if you're 'not' backing up it makes complete sense to install it immediately! Check it out now.

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